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Things I have written elsewhere


So at ArtsHub I get to write about all sorts of topics, from book clubs to creativity, conquering self-doubt and artists’ residencies.

Here’s some of my latest pieces…

10 books that white people should read

This week’s Man Booker winner, Paul Beatty’s The Sellout, is a landmark work on race. But it’s not the only book on the black-white divide you should read.

50 ways to conquer creative self-doubt

From cartoon voices to household habits, it’s extraordinary what creative people do to keep their confidence up.

What book club is that?

Your book club may have no more in common with mine than lawn bowls has with Sumo wrestling.

Reading, ‘riting and swiping: the creative cost

Digital media now dictates a child’s initial experience of literature, art and – most worryingly – often creative discovery.

Art industry apps you should have

From festivals and street art tours to event listings and orchestral insights, there’s an arts industry app out there for you.

Is your life interesting enough for a memoir?

Memoirs and autobiographies regularly fill the top spots on bestseller lists, but not everyone has a life worthy of memoir.