Recommendations for November


This last fortnight has been… interesting. I got trolled by Men’s Rights Activists about an article I wrote, then a week later Donald Trump got elected. I took it completely personally and fell into a slump for a few days, then realised I am a white woman on the side of the world, and my outrage is possibly offensive to those who are actually fearing for their lives now.

Like any significant shift in power, the Trump era will be filled with an outpouring of art and passion, like during the Bush years, the Thatcher years, the Reagan years. Art thrives under pressure. I’m taking solace in that.

A book…

I’m reading the Magda Szubanski book, FINALLY, called The Reckoning. Loving it so far. Damn, she can write.

A product…

CHOOKS! So Archie’s kinder had a chook incubator for a while, and the kids all watched the baby chicks hatch. We asked to keep some of them, and now we have five little chicks called Nellie Frittado, Obama, Michelle, Nugget and Gregory Peck. I’m hoping at least two of them are hens.

They were living in a box in the living room until they grew their feathers, and now they are in a little pen outside. When the weather gets a bit warmer we will move them into their big chook palace adjoining the vegie garden. I’m so excited about having fresh eggs everyday, and the whole experience of collecting them and having chookens running around the yard.

A show…

The Crown (on Netflix). This has gotten a heap of attention, and it is WAY better than I thought it would be. It is all about Queen Elizabeth and how she came to be Queen. It never occurred to me that her dad had to die in order for her to become Queen. I also love the bits about how Price Phillip, played by Dr Who, struggles with having a wife who is about a gazillion times more important and powerful than he is.

Streets of Our Town (on iView). A two part series hosted and written by Tim Ross, all about Modernist architecture and the way that our houses and lifestyle has changed over time. It talked at length about Robin Boyd and his ethos, and was really interesting to watch while sitting in a Boyd home that totally encapsulated all the things Ross was talking about.

An article…

God, I have been binging on US election stuff this past week.  There is plenty of really heavy stuff out there, but in the interest of keeping things light I will share my new obsession: memes of Joe Biden and Obama. SO GOOD.

A thing I wrote…

This is the article that got me the hate mail: Why feminists need to see The Red Pill

I wasn’t too upset as it never really got too personal (the worst was one guy who emailed to let me know that he felt sorry for my children as they were growing up emotionally castrated due to having a feminist mother. Thanks, mate.) and the messages and emails were all so crazy and incorrect. It was mostly just exhausting.

A forget-me-not…

Archie: I want you to have a baby, mum. Then I can put it in my bed and cuddle it like a teddy, and dress it up like a puppy dog.

Me: …

Archie: Or maybe we can just put it outside with the chooks.

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