Recent readings: colonials, Hollywood and Zadie


I have an unofficial goal to read at least 52 books this year. I’ve already read five since Christmas, so am well and truly on track. I’m trying to focus on female writers, mostly because, um, I am one. One of the things that helps me read so much is picking up my Kindle or a book instead of picking up my phone to look at pointless Facebook sh*t, especially when the kids are around. I figure it is better for them to be ignored because their mum is reading a book than if she is doing a Buzzfeed quiz on ‘Which Kardashian Are You?’, right?

Here are a couple of recent reads…

Salt Creek by Lucy Treloar

This was a dark, bittersweet read about a colonial family in South Australia. The most poignant parts were the interactions with the dwindling Aborigine community and the family dynamics. Poetic and evocative prose.

Lucky Us by Amy Bloom

Easy to read, eccentric story about two sisters who move from Ohio to Hollywood in the 40s, with their wayward father, a stolen adopted kid and a Spanish makeup artist.


Zadie Smith’s On Beauty

I really loved this. Some of Zadie Smith’s stuff can be a bit much, but loved the characters and the life injected into this novel. The descriptions of academia and families and growing up are spot on.

Up next, I’m burning through last year’s Miles Franklin winner The Eye of the Sheep by Sophie Laguna, Clutterfree with Kids by Joshua Becker and Marie Kondo’s new book Spark Joy.




2 thoughts on “Recent readings: colonials, Hollywood and Zadie

  1. Hey,,, Emma I have been reading alot in the last six months, I saw a great quote ‘ reading a book won’t solve the worlds problems, but neither will cleaning your house’… It has been a my mantra of late!!! Anyway all the books I have read have been linked to my posts for CWC, my stand outs being Just Kids, by Patti Smith and I just finished Georgia Okeeffe’s biography written by Roxana Robinson. Love your posts here, I can always relate and have a quiet chuckle when that happens. Happy New Year and I hope we say hi soon in real life!
    Jasmine x

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