The quilt.

You guys. I have finished my crochet cross quilt. I know, I know.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

Mum taught me to crochet years ago but I kind of forgot it during the too-cool teenage years. I picked it up again by following Pip’s instructions on her blog, and have been a crocheting demon since. I make lots of little toys and hats and failed things, but never something really big.

I saw a picture of this quilt on pinterest ages ago and loved it, and was determined to make something similar. It was 150 squares and many, many hours of hooking and sewing in, but last weekend I finally sewed in the last threads. Technically I still need to wet block it, but I’m calling it as done.

Despite a few holes and accidentally changing shades of white halfway through (don’t look too closely)I am pretty rapt with the results. It is snuggly without being too heavy. I think it will go on Archie’s bed when he graduates out of a cot.



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