Quilt-A-Long Week Four


The quilt is SO CLOSE to being done. Like Chief Quilt Lady Shannon said, it is at the boring stage where all the fun part is over and now it’s just heaps of sewing and annoying pinning. And this is why I have three completed quilt tops in a drawer that I have never finished.

So I have stuck it together with glue spray (this is an actual technique called basting, not just some random trick I decided to pull when I couldn’t work the sewing machine) and now need to do the actual quilting. I planned on doing a contrasting colour but I don’t think my sewing is up to it, God knows the last thing I need is something to draw attention to my wonky stitches. So I’m just leaving it plain old white. I’m thinking I might add a bit of a ribbon or something afterwards, so it looks like actual bunting and breaks up the white a bit.

I’m already planning the next one, think I’m going to try a bit of ombre chevron action. Two trends with one, um, stone.

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