Quilt-a-long, Week 2





I upped my game and decided to applique Archie’s name onto the triangle bunting bits of the quilt. I imagined that this would involve just sticking the letters on, but my quilt Nazi mother said I had to do it properly with fusible something-something and stitching. And because I will invariably have to wash this quilt one day ( it is mostly white and I have a son who randomly emits bodily fluids at opportune moments) I don’t want it to fall apart in the wash.

Then I ripped up the backing strips and pinned it ready for sewing. The actual sewing is the frustrating part. I am not a calm crafter who can happily stitch away, meditating whilst clicking knitting needles or sewing dainty doilies. I am still at the angry, frustrated stage which means lots of unfinished projects and half-assed stitching. But I am loving this quilt, mainly because it is deceptively easy and looks impressive. Can’t wait to hang it on Archie’s wall in his new room.

I am loving checking out what everyone else is doing for their quilt. There are some seriously good sewers doing it which is a tad intimidating, but I’m having a crack. And I think it is going to look pretty rad once it’s all done.


5 thoughts on “Quilt-a-long, Week 2

  1. Holy crapper that looks unreal. Nice fancy needlework! I sewed mine up today and added one more strip panel down the bottom. Looks way more balanced so I reckon try it out and see if you agree. Kinda makes the bottom row of flags not look like they are touching the bottom if quilt.

    So glad you agree – its an easy to make quilt, easier than it looks.

    1. Thanks dude. Yeah I think I might add another panel, it might looked a bit squished at the bottom otherwise.

      I have totally caught the sewing bug now. I think I’m gonna make a dress next. Oh jeez…

  2. haha the line “I have a son who randomly emits bodily fluids at opportune moments” actually made me laugh out loud. your quilt looks awesome so far!

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