The little red chair that could.

photo 2


My mum’s best mate Shaz found this stool on hard rubbish. Archie LOVES it and has all his snacks sitting on it. However, it had seen better days and was all grubby and falling apart.


photo 3

Because I am lucky enough to share a bed with someone who has a whole woodworking workshop, I got bits of plywood cut out in the same shape as the existing base and seat back. I painted them with three coats of water-based sealant that dries hard and protects the wood from water damage. That is my little driver drill in the photo, how cute is it?

photo 4

Lee had a can of red spray paint hanging around the workshop, so I pinched that and sprayed the metal base. I did it outside in the dark so the finish is a bit crap, but hey, I’m all about getting it done and not worrying about perfection.


photo 1

Ta da! One awesome, retro kid chair that would cost a million bucks in some schmancy kid’s shop. ALL FOR FREE. Arch loves it, and it looks good in my living room, so everyone’s a winner.

One thought on “The little red chair that could.

  1. ace job! love those little tacker seats. We picked up two from the kinder fete a few years back for $2, tell ya, could ebay those babies and make me a quick fifty.

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