What I’ve Been…

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Because why else do you have children than to impersonate their drag-queen-hand-flappy run through a meadow?

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Eating… I have a mate who works at Cadbury as an important marketing lady. She is awesome, for many reasons, but the Cadbury thing pushes her over into freaking brilliant territory. One time, we met for brunch and she opened her bag and pulled out pretty much the entire Cadbury’s range, from giant blocks to bars. Lee and I now call that cafe ‘the place where Audrey brought the chocolate’. As in, “Oh, that house is on the same street as the cafe where Audrey brought the chocolate.”

Anyway, I digress. I am a big fan of the Marvellous Creations range, and recently sampled the banana, peanut and chocolate biscuit bar. 8/10. It needs more banana bits and less biscuit, but is still better than the jelly and popping candy one. You will be pleased to know that I have passed on my comments to my Cadbury friend.

Visiting… Heide. On Sunday, we went to the Heidi Gallery in Bulleen. I hadn’t been there for years and had forgotten how awesome it is. It was crappy weather, but Arch loved running around the sculpture garden and jumping in puddles. We had a fairly mediocre lunch at Cafe Vue and then went for a bike ride in the rain. Wet, cold and happy.

Making… this quilt. And a crochet blanket loosely based on this one. I have to crochet 154 squares and have made 84. At this rate it will be finished when Archie moves out of home.

Pondering… Friendships. I am a tad isolated living out here away from all my peeps. And having a kid does change friendships, regardless of all my high hopes. I have made stacks of gorgeous mum friends, but don’t see my old crew as much as I used to. I had a yuk experience earlier in the year when a close friend did something inexcusable and was totally unrepentant, and we haven’t really spoken since. I was really upset at the time but remember reading a saying that was something like ‘some friends are for seasons, some are for reasons and some are for life’ that makes it a bit easier to let go.

Reading… This really easy-to-read book called Women in Black by Madeline St John, which is set in Sydney in the 50s. It’s okayish. I am just about to start finally reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants though, which I’ve been meaning to read for aaaaaages. I  do love La Fey.

Celebrating… My great-great-aunt’s life. She passed away on Sunday aged 98. She lived in this rambling, falling-down old mansion in Hawthorn and was the picture of eccentricity. To her 90th birthday party, she wore a bright red skirt and jacket which was covered in red cowgirl fringing. I took Archie to see her – she is his great-great-great-aunt- when he was tiny and she wore full make-up, a twin-set and pearls. Absolutely fabulous.

She was a mad Hawthorn supporter and was chatting to her daughter about how the Hawks went in the footy, then commented on how she felt a bit tired. She closed her eyes and was gone. What a life.

Cooking… Lemon slice. Good old fashioned biscuity, coconutty awesomeness with condensed milk and loads of lemon. Yummo.

Planning... Our house. We are arranging to meet with the town planners soon so we can go through it all and get cracking on the planning permit. Woop!

Watching… Offspring. Oh my lord. I was at my mates house and we were totally expecting Billie to die, then, um WHAT! So many tears. I don’t even know if I will be able to watch next week’s episode. A baby and a funeral might push me over the edge.

Buying… New clothes. I am sick of not fitting into anything and only having holey, dirty crap to wear, so went on a mini shopping spree on Monday. I got new black ankle boots (because I have eleven pairs of boots and obviously need more), a gorgeous black and white shift dress, a knitted sweater and a spotty chambray shirt. I finally feel somewhat myself when getting dressed in the morning, instead of trying to match my pre-baby wardrobe (bombshell-inspired, wiggle skirts, tailoring, lots of red) with this whole new working mum thing (skinnies, leather jackets, boots, lots of black and stripes).

4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been…

  1. Sweetie I totally LOVE love love your blog! I can’t stop reading it! You are the next big female writer for sure 🙂
    I was reading this entry and connecting with the whole friendships thing. Kids sure do change things in your life and it might be a while before you can pick up the threads a bit. But nothing will ever be the same. I’m pretty sure your old friends miss you, your new ones welcome you and they all (including the ones on the other side of the world- ahem) think themselves lucky to have you in their lives in any way. As for the ones who can’t appreciate you? Fuck ’em. Leave them behind and live your life.

    Much MUCH love to you and both your adorable boys xxxxx

    1. Aw thanks love! You are a gem. I do miss you and your straight-talking ‘blethers’ ( << see what I did there!). Lots and lots of love to you and your lady xxxx

  2. i got unfriended by a girl (lady now I guess, or should I say mole?) from school who i thought was pretty good mates with. except for the fact I didnt know she had a kid and was having another…oh well, Im busy, shes busy, life happens. The unfriending business shits me – but overall I agree with the whole cycle of mateship. Our time was up, we had both clearly moved on and onto bigger and better things.

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