Ten things for a Wednesday.


I just wrote an epic post but then it somehow disappeared and I died inside a little bit. Gaaaaaaaaaah. So I am writing this in Word and hopefully it won’t vanish again.

  1. Archie is about three and a half months old. I have stopped going by weeks now as it was getting way too confusing. He is a champion eater and a pretty good sleeper. The sunny mornings have meant he is wide awake by 6.30, which is just a little bit too early for my liking! He goes down to sleep well though and has good naps in the day. He is showing so much personality now. I think he will be relaxed like his dad but talkative like his mum!
  2. My friend Blaise just got engaged! Yay! She and her fiancé (!) are living in London at the moment but will be back home in about a year. I love weddings!
  3. It is my cousin Jessica’s 3rd birthday today. Happy birthday Jess! I am really close to my auntie Jac and I love that our kids are going to grow up together. Jessica loves cuddling and kissing ‘Baby Archie’ and I can see them dressing up and playing together when they are older.
  4. I have been going to a ‘CryBaby’ exercise class for the past few Mondays. It is a pretty daggy 80s style aerobics class complete with grapevines and high kicks, but it is aimed at new mums. I can take Archie is in the pram and he lays next to me while I jump around and do sit ups and stuff. All the mums catch up for a coffee afterwards too which is lovely.
Get in my face

5. I made these salted choc-chip cookies with Nutella filling the other day. Oh my god. They are amazing, but kind of sickly. I can only eat one at a time. The downside (upside?) is that I now have half a jar of Nutella staring deliciously at me from the pantry. I tried to hide it from myself on a high shelf. Ha! That lasted about eight minutes before I climbed on the bench to get it down and scoop out a mouthful. Can’t believe I just admitted that on the internet.

Excuse my pile of purchases

6. On Sunday Lee declared that he felt like a trip to Ikea. I was gobsmacked, as he hates Ikea usually. He rants about how no one wants handmade furniture anymore because Ikea champions mass-produced, disposable crap. I am partial to a bit of Swedish goodness and think that Ikea makes good design accessible to people who may not usually care about the aesthetics of an object. Anyway, off we went. We picked up a few things (glasses, drawer dividers, a plastic bag holder) but the BEST thing was Ikea’s breastfeeding room. It is a secret little hidden corner of the restaurant with privacy panels, a comfy chair, TWO cushions, a blanket, toys and chairs for bigger kids and a stack of magazines, including the new Vogue Living. Go Ikea!

7. I can’t stop thinking about missing woman Jill Meagher. I have been to the Brunswick Green loads of times and the area around there feels perfectly safe. Horrible horrible horrible stuff.

8. Since we brought in austerity measures (no buying coffee, more cooking at home, no buying clothes (me) or tools (Lee), no wasting water or electricity) all I want to do is buy EVERYTHING. I spend way too long adding things to online shopping baskets then quickly closing the laptop before I buy all of Asos. I want new Hasbeens and a new dress and a new couch and a rug for the living room and and and…

9. I have working a bit more, doing the interior for a medical centre in Heidelberg. It’s a bit fancier than a standard office fitout and there’s a few more considerations like coved skirting and accessibility, but I’m loving working again. Especially as I get to work with my dad for the first time and we work in similar go-hard-or-go-home ways.

10. We got turf laid in the back and front yards last week. It makes such a difference to the feel of the place. No more mud! It’s so nice to be able to lay on the grass with Archie, just in time for spring. I’m looking forward to a summer of lazing under the fig tree, walks around the lake and alfresco dinners!


Em x 

One thought on “Ten things for a Wednesday.

  1. Em – Your Mum just e-mailed me the blog details. I have spend the last hour reading about your life and wish I had known about it earlier. You have an amazing ability to convey a story and get the reader in. Your honesty and take me as I am attitude is infectious. You are doing a fantastic job as a mother, wife and renovating, working, studying etc…We as women- do go thru a lot of adjusting, change and that for sure is major – leaving work, bringing a gorgeous baby into the world and learning how to care for it. Massive learning curve. Good on you for doing it with such grace and dignity. Love you heaps and look forward to the next chapter in your life. Karina xxxx

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