Ten things for a Monday

1. Archie is freaking huge. At his last health check he weighed 5.5kg at four weeks and was 57cm long. In the supermarket the other day I met a FIVE MONTH OLD baby who was smaller than he is. Such a little fatty boomba!

2. I have been watching all eleven seasons of Grand Designs right from the first episodes in the nineties. It’s been really ace to see the development of different architecture and styling trends over the last two decades. And I’m a bit in love with Kevin McCloud.

3. I finally got around to hanging art on our walls and decorating a bit more. Our house is a blend of nanna chic and modern pieces with scandinavian and handcrafted furniture. Total mish mash but I kind of love it.

4. We are getting more into the swing of things now with having the kiddo around. He sleeps from about 11pm to 9am with two quick feeds, then has a couple of short naps in the day. He loves the pram and being in the car, which makes it easy for us to get out and about. I have gotten the hang of feeding him in public so I don’t have to rush home after a couple of hours so he doesn’t crack the shits.

5. Another win: I think I have mastered the art of feeding and holding Archie while crocheting. A whole new world of opportunity to craft!


4 thoughts on “Ten things for a Monday

  1. glad to hear he is growing so well. all the boys in my mums group are big fellas. Evie is only just 6kg at 5.5 months. She was very petite but now she is on solids she is stacking on the beef.
    Good little man with his sleeps too..and it is so good that he likes the car and pram. bonus. Sounds like you have motherhood under control 🙂

    1. Thanks Jess! He is a beefy boy. Good to hear that Evie is growing well too. Solid foods must be a whole new adventure!

  2. So nice to hear about another little boy as big as mine! Sounds like you’re doing a fine job. Glad to have found your blog (recc’d by Liz @ Dressed For 2) 🙂

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