Bathroom ideas.

After we rip up the floor in the three bedrooms, we are getting stuck into doing the bathroom. I’m in the process of collating inspiration boards and ideas for the space – it is very exciting at this stage! I’m going to move the window up, change the door to a sliding door, rip out the bath and put in a toilet and shower.

I am addicted to subway tiles as they manage to look a bit industrial and mental-hospitalesque (which is a good thing) but can still look quite traditional at the same time. The outside of the house will be fairly traditional, so we don’t want that terrible ‘Victorian exterior and hyper-modern interior’ than can happen with this era of house. Subway tiles will help to marry the two styles.

I’m also thinking of tiling on an enormous mirror along one wall, which will open up the space and be a bit of a feature. Ideally, it would wrap around the two walls and include a medicine cabinet which pops open (technical term) but is sunken in. I have the idea fully-formed in my head, but hope it translates well in real life!

Here are a few bathrooms that I find inspiring, although most of them are quite literally five times as big as our tiny space!

I freaking LOVE this floor tiling. Wonder if I could make it work…
The chunky silver hardware looks awesome against the tiles. Might be over-capitalising though…
This makes me feel clean just looking at it. Hygiene-fest.

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